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Energy 2020: Powering Cable’s Success

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As I see it, there’s no bigger way to begin a series of blog posts on energy management than with an introduction of the SCTE Energy 2020 program.

If you didn’t make Energy 2020’s acquaintance at its kick-off session at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2014 last fall, here’s what you need to know: Energy 2020 is our industry’s resounding answer to a serious issue that’s lurking around the corner—the likelihood that energy requirements that cost the industry more than $1 billion per year could quadruple by the end of the decade to $4 billion or more.

Led by Comcast’s John Schanz, Liberty Global’s Balan Nair, and SCTE’s own Mark Dzuban, the industry has set ambitious goals. Among them:

  • Driving down grid dependency by 10%;
  • Cutting power consumption by 20% like-for-like;
  • Reducing energy costs by 25% on a unit basis; and
  • Optimizing technical facilities and datacenter footprints by 20%.

Accomplishing this while maintaining or improving feature parity and capacity growth will be a primary challenge, but we’re convinced not only that we can do this but that we must do it to ensure energy availability does not limit growth potential.

The key will be new standards and operational practices that will shape the design, manufacture, and purchase of new equipment over the next half decade. It’s incumbent on operators and vendors alike to join the standards process now so that they can lend their expertise to the next-generation solutions that will drive the industry’s progress.

The SCTE Energy Management Subcommittee within the ANSI-accredited SCTE Standards Program comprises 10 working groups (e.g., Energy Metrics; Alternate Energy; and Facility Climate Technology Optimization). The SCTE blog will discuss each in depth.

We look forward to using this blog as a forum for energy issues that are relevant to our industry, as well as a venue to share Energy 2020’s accomplishments. We urge vendors and operators to prioritize involvement in Energy 2020 so that we can leverage the collective contributions of the entire industry to drive this program that is vital to our success.



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