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Big Developments: the DOCSIS® 3.1 Docket

DOCSIS 3.1 Docket

The rapid pace of development of the DOCSIS® 3.1 specifications continues. As you probably know, DOCSIS is a suite of specifications, and CableLabs® has already published the following specifications for DOCSIS 3.1:

  • PHY—Physical Layer Interface Specification
  • MULPI—MAC and Upper Layer Protocols Interface Specification
  • CM OSSI—Cable Modem Operations Support System Interface Specification
  • CCAP OSSI—CCAP Operations Support System Interface Specification
  • SEC—DOCSIS 3.1 Security Specification

Additionally, the development teams have been working on the associated test plans for PHY, MULPI, and CM OSSI, and these are scheduled to be released in the near future.

CableLabs recently began conducting interop events. Interops are opportunities for manufacturers to get together and see how their products work together prior to entering the certification process. A schedule (shown below) has been established for the first series of certification waves for 2015.

DOCSIS 3.1 Certification Wave Schedule

Like industry partner CableLabs, SCTE is focused on DOCSIS 3.1 and has added the training course DOCSIS® 3.1 Essentials to its DOCSIS professional development menu of offerings. Get details and take advantage of these timely training opportunities.


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