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Whether it’s live training sessions, web-based learning, or even a one-on-one discussion with peers, we at SCTE have mastered the art of the transfer of knowledge. From education to engineering to energy, our mission is to convey the leading-edge thinking of subject matter experts to members of the cable industry’s technical workforce.

Today, I proudly introduce our newest communications vehicle—this blog, a first for SCTE, named tech.know. Beginning immediately, we’ll be discussing the heart issues and happenings of our industry: Energy Management; Network Engineering; Video Engineering; Events; and Industry News about technology, business, and regulatory developments impacting our community.

The editorial mission of tech.knowTM is aimed at creating a dynamic environment for open technical exchanges on the latest technologies. Posts are initiated by SCTE executives and technical staff, often with input from their networks of sources around the industry. We hope that you and other readers will contribute to the creation of an engaged community by lending your own perspectives as comments to blog posts. This two-way exchange of information and opinion is vital for the blog to achieve its potential.

Please take a moment to see what today’s posts have to say, and follow this blog or RSS feeds to stay on the leading edge of the technologies of tomorrow. I look forward to lively and thoughtful discussion.

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