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Energy 2020: What We Heard in Herndon, Va.

Energy 2020 Plenary Meeting, Herndon, VA

John Schanz, EVP and Chief Network Officer, Comcast & Energy 2020 Co-Chair (holding microphone), and Mark Dzuban, President/CEO, SCTE speak to more than 80 operator and vendor representatives at the Energy 2020 Plenary Meeting in Herndon, VA.

Good things happen when you bring people together.

On Feb. 3–4 at Time Warner Cable in Herndon, Va., our dedicated Energy team came face to face to roll up our sleeves, put pen to paper, and move the needle on deliverables. I hope you were fortunate enough to attend Energy 2020’s grand kickoff at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2014 in September in Denver, where SCTE opened the doors, casting a broad invitation to join our Energy 2020 program. If not, that invitation remains wide open as you’ll see below.

Leveraging the Emmy Award-winning and ANSI-accredited SCTE Standards Program, Energy 2020 has begun the efforts to provide the standards, operational practices, and tools necessary to ensure energy never obstructs our industry’s competitive leadership.

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, in Herndon, we heard why this effort is so important and how not addressing power and taking the consumption of power seriously could result in a $4 billion invoice for the industry in the year 2020. You heard right…$4 billion. We also heard that the greatest opportunity for energy cost avoidance in cable system networks is in the HFC plant from the headend or hub to the home.

That’s where the collective power of our team comes in. We have gathered plant, facilities, fleet, project, and executive leaders together to put the plan in motion. Progress has been achieved on several fronts including a framework for power supply auditing—and metrics addressing access network power as well as data center equipment energy and density. All of the teams are enthusiastically focused on their subject areas and are ramping up several documents for formal committee review in the coming month or two.

Would you like to learn how to get involved and help drive standards that will shape our industry’s energy future? Please contact me. I would love to meet you at the next gathering of experts.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to learn more about what we just heard in Herndon.


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