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Switching on the Energy 2020 Juice

Jim Ludington, Time Warner Cable at the Energy 2020 Plenary Meeting in Herndon, VA

Jim Ludington of Time Warner Cable presented at the Energy 2020 meeting conducted in Herndon, Va., on Feb. 3–4 and encouraged attendees to grasp the financial value of Energy 2020.

When it comes to a willingness to tackle cable’s energy issues, there’s no shortage of, well, energy to take on the challenge.

That’s my conclusion after our two-day Energy 2020 session at Time Warner Cable’s offices in Herndon, Va., last week.

More than 100 in-person and via telephone conference attendees—cable operators, vendors, analysts, and academics—demonstrated their commitment to helping our industry slash our projected energy costs by $1 billion over the next five years. As speakers discussed the opportunity, the timeline, and financial and business modeling, the atmosphere in the room was—excuse the expression—electric.

Among the highlights:

  • Comcast’s John Schanz, who co-chairs Energy 2020 with Liberty Global’s Balan Nair, extracted a highly aggressive commitment for completion of standards and operational practices that can yield real cost avoidance for the industry, particularly in the areas of edge facilities and the HFC network, where 73%-83% of cable’s energy usage occurs. More on this timeline in an upcoming post.
  • During an active Q&A session, the gauntlet was thrown down for the vendor community: Their ability to make equipment already in the pipeline Energy 2020 compliant is a plus; what’s absolutely non-negotiable is the requirement that vendors and operators design, manufacture, and purchase the “next next-generation” of cable equipment in strict accordance with Energy 2020 standards and operational practices.
  • Jim Ludington of Time Warner Cable and Dr. Ron Rizzuto of the University of Denver’s Daniels School of Business discussed the need for the engineering community to understand and communicate the financial value of incorporating Energy 2020 into future equipment purchases and facilities builds.

Energy 2020 will be a cornerstone of cable’s success in the coming years. Alignment with Energy 2020—through the SCTE Standards Program or current and future SCTE membership Advanced Engineering tools and resources—will help vendors, operators, and academic thought leaders to drive meaningful change for our industry.

If you are not yet involved, please put joining Energy 2020 at the top of your to-do list. If you’re already an SCTE Standards Program member, please be actively engaged so that the industry has the benefit of the finest engineering resources available to tackle its future energy challenges.


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