Energy Management

Energy Metrics: Network-Centric Considerations

030415_EnMgmt_DiGiacomo_Network Metrics_Chart

Absolute Energy-Efficiency Figure: Increase of processing speeds of commonly known devices.

As the chair for SCTE’s Energy 2020 Energy Metrics Initiative, one of my first tasks (beyond forming my Standards working group) was to conduct research. Why reinvent the wheel if something has been recognized and would fit a cable application?

Searching the web revealed a presentation that speaks to an absolute network energy-efficiency metric. Parker and Walker’s presentation is a treasure trove regarding network-energy metrics. One aspect I found particularly interesting discussed the human brain and its energy efficiency in relationship to today’s IT equipment such as routers, laptops, and CPU-based gear. Parker and Walker demonstrate how the energy efficiency of today’s modern network and compute technology is approaching that of our human brains.

The watts-per-bit-per-second that Parker and Walker present is a very compelling go-to energy metric for network-centric energy consumption. Items are measurable given meter deployment and router input/output traffic measurement. The working group will hash out this argument and vet it via our ANSI-accredited Standards framework.

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