Energy Management

Fuel Cells for Data Centers

Bloom Boxes - Fuel Cells at Data Center

Photo courtesy of Bloom

California has normally been a bit progressive in terms of energy approaches. What does a company do when challenged with growing an already power-intensive facility like a data center to one with more capacity? Well, in California, CenturyLink turned to fuel cells.

What can 19.4 tons of fuel cell buy you? The answer, according to this table courtesy of Bloom, is:

Table courtesy of Bloom

Two items in the CenturyLink article interested me in particular. One is CenturyLink’s resolve to move away from the grid in search of primary power. The other is that a critical facility having three sources of power indicates just how vital power availability is to the business of data and connectivity. SCTE has developed its own working group that is looking at alternate energy; please contact me to learn more and to get involved.


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