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SCTE, the Face of Advertising Systems Interfaces

Advertising Systems Interfaces

Perhaps you noticed the headline in the June 18 issue of SCTE SmartBrief that read, “Digital video advertising is becoming more popular.” SmartBrief was passing along a story published by MediaPost Communications that reported, “Amidst concerns about viewability of advertising on digital platforms, a new survey of advertising agency executives says that confidence in digital video advertising value has improved.”

SCTE, of course, got out in front of this realm of revenue-generating technology years ago when the ANSI-accredited SCTE Standards Program began developing what resulted in a suite of industry technical standards known as ANSI/SCTE 130, “Digital Program Insertion—Advertising Systems Interfaces.”

Perhaps your organization has contributed to these important standards developments. If not, SCTE invites you to join the effort to maintain and build upon them. SCTE’s Digital Video Subcommittee (DVS), which is chaired by Paul Hearty, Ph.D., of Sony Electronics, handles the ad insertion work program among many other endeavors. As outlined in the second-quarter issue of the SCTE Standards Bulletin on Page 3, DVS is breaking new ground in transport and video technologies, making this an opportune time to participate as the Society carries out its esteemed role of technical leadership for the industry in helping operators and vendors alike to capitalize on the potential of new technologies.

To what new or underdeveloped technology in need of standardization—in the digital video space or otherwise—might you and your organization lend its valuable expertise?


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