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Survey Illumines the Need to Be Wise About Wi-Fi

072415_IndNews_SCTE_Wi-Fi Shortcomings_ARRIS Survey

An industry news article’s headline this week characterized Wi-Fi as “an imperfect delivery mechanism.” The Broadband TV News article highlighted conclusions of this year’s annual Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI) worldwide survey, conducted by SCTE Corporate Alliance partner ARRIS. The survey identified “a growing disparity between the expectation and reality of wireless broadband around the home.” Additionally, the survey pointed out that “mobile TV demands better public Wi-Fi.”

Of course, calling Wi-Fi “imperfect” is ironic considering Wi-Fi is short for wireless fidelity, fidelity meaning “accuracy, exactness, and the strict observance of promises and duties.” In the quest to perfect this imperfect-yet-promising delivery mechanism, SCTE will deliver a technical workshop track at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2015 called “Wireless and Home Networks.” Subject matter experts will share how to effectively and efficiently go about supplying the growing demand consumers have for Wi-Fi.

Technical workshop attendees will gain the upper hand in overcoming obstacles to fulfilling and capitalizing upon Wi-Fi’s huge potential. Workshop titles include “Improving Wi-Fi Quality of Experience” and “Wi-Fi Design and Optimization.” The ARRIS survey detected the trend that Wi-Fi is evolving “from a convenience to a necessity…in every room.” Come learn what it will take to make Wi-Fi live up to high customer expectations revealed in the survey.

“People want Wi-Fi without limits,” confirms the headline atop an ARRIS infographic that summarizes the 2015 survey’s findings. SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2015 in October in New Orleans—with its insightful workshops and expansive exhibit hall—can equip you, as a member of the industry’s technical workforce, with the know-how to give the people what they want. Be sure to register.

Incidentally, you don’t have to wait until October to advance your Wi-Fi wisdom, of course. Courses that SCTE conducts on the subject include “Home Network Essentials: Wired and Wireless,” “Wireless Level 1,” and “Wireless Level 2.” Enroll yourself and your technical staff. When it comes to wireless, SCTE, your technical leader in the cable industry, has anticipated your training and professional development needs…and is at


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