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TV Everywhere Campaign Combats “Cord-cutting”

TV Everywhere for subscribers "on-the-go"

According to Nielsen, nearly 126 million Americans watch video on a smartphone at least once a month, a 25 percent increase in just the past year. Millions are “cutting the cord”—dropping traditional TV service and replacing it with content streamed to tablets, computers, and Net TV devices. TV Everywhere—platforms and apps that let you watch on-demand and live TV when you plug in your pay-TV credentials—is cable’s solution to consumers’ growing preference for mobile video.

Last week, several cable networks and distributors kicked off a collaborative marketing campaign (e.g., TV ads, websites, and social media) to urge their subscribers to get TV Everywhere. This promotional push mimics a summer blockbuster. It began on July 26, runs nonstop for two weeks, and ends on Aug. 8. Campaign participants include Comcast and NBCU, Cox Communications, Mediacom, A&E Networks, Turner Networks, HBO, and Univision.

Many cable customers do not know TV Everywhere services are available—and for free; so, this effort is aimed at raising awareness and adding value to subscribers’ TV experience as well as countering the market gains of on-demand streaming video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Americans are increasingly “on-the-go” and want mobile access anywhere, so many are spending more time watching TV shows and movies away from home. Streaming content is unlikely to quickly substitute for subscription TV services, but clearly customers want portable content or they want new services that provide it. Before this trend grows deeper roots, what is your organization doing to stay ahead of the demand curve? Do you offer TV Everywhere? How much of your audience is switching to streaming services? Are you noticing a drop in pay-TV packages? How are you educating your subscribers about the benefits of TV Everywhere?

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