Energy Management

Enabling Energy Savings

Enabling Energy Savings

When data services were first offered, the world of communications was a different place. E-mail was the “killer app” and sharing text-based documents the method of doing business. Today, business still depends on e-mail exchanges and document reviews over broadband networks in nearly real time. However, if you consider all the new business models that have been enabled because of the higher-and-higher speeds of services over our networks, we truly are living in a different age.

One notable change our networks have fashioned is the shift from moving atoms (physical products) to digital products. I remember as a high school freshman how exciting it was to travel to the local video store on Friday evenings to pick up the newest movie release. Think about all the energy required to get that movie from the production studio to my living room. The digital age has nullified the need to move atoms across all corners of the modern world, and carbon advantages are discussed in detail by Jonathan Koomey.

What measure of energy savings across all sectors of the economy here and around the world will we witness thanks to ever-expanding broadband networks? Customers will continue to expect higher speeds, and we will deliver on those expectations. Beyond the energy savings that cable’s products and services enable for its customers, an organized effort called Energy 2020 is helping cable to better manage its own energy costs by holding new cable products and services to new standards of energy efficiency. Write to me at to join in.


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